Data Visualization at Mastercard

This summer, I interned for Mastercard’s Data and Analytics team within the Corporate Finance Department. My work was primarily focused on making Mastercard’s internal data more understandable by creating interactive Tableau Workbooks.

My main project revolved around visualizing Mastercard’s professional spending, and creating an interactive dashboard that allowed for business leaders and executives to investigate spending trends at a high level, and then pass off the workbook to analysts with more domain expertise who would then analyze the spending at an invoice level.

I also created a workbook displaying how new product ideas moved through Mastercard’s product pipeline, a dashboard visualizing orientation feedback, and a dashboard visualizing the Transaction Services team’s rate of success in meeting their performance goals.

Unfortunately, I can’t show any of the dashboards that I made because they all contain sensitive information.If you’re specifically interested in any of these projects, feel free to reach out to me at . Given that I can't actually show any of the dashboards or workbooks, I think communicating the process behind each would be a lot more effective through conversation, either over email, the phone, or in person.

Additionally, here is a link to an article I wrote on how to design a successful dashboard:

This article was published in, a leading design publication on Medium, and translated into indonesion by a designer at Paperpillar. Including the Indonesian translation of the article, which can be found here: , my article has been read over 5000 times and applauded (I’m not sure what this means, the recommend feature was much more straight forward) over 500 times.

Working on the Data and Analytics team at Mastercard was a great time for me because it intersected my interests in data science and UI design. Coming away from this internship, I feel like I have a stronger grasp on both what data science looks like outside of the classroom, and on how to tell the stories within data sets through visualization.